Design Engineering

Electro-mechanical design and engineering for new and next-generation products.

Engineering and design expertise across multiple industries. Our goal is to create environmental conscious, meaningful design that exceeds expectations with creative solutions that best serve our customers’ needs.

True out of the box thinking to tackle seemingly impossible problems AND the experience and expertise to visualize the complete project

Husky Easy Air

Industrial Strength
Meets Compact Design


Collaboration and professional process management services for successful project completion through the utilization of immersion and user experience studies

The Auto Launch Development Process

  • Brainstorm - Based on your performance goals and design limitations, we will develop creative ideas to solve difficult problems such as helping to create a revolutionary new product, improving on an existing product or avoiding a patent infringement.
  • Design - Once a brainstorm solution has been selected we will embody it in a preliminary design. We will focus on keeping the design as simple as possible while ensuring that it fit within the required physical envelope and meets the design requirements.
  • Breadboard - A proof-of-concept model may be required to demonstrate the validity of a design concept.
  • Engineer - Using the parameters established with the breadboard as a guide, complete CAD models are created in Solidworks or Pro/ENGINEER. Shaded renderings, perspective drawings and orthogonal views with cross sections communicate the progress.
  • Prototype - An accurate functional prototype of the product is created using rapid prototyping technology, CNC machining, or both. This sample is a critical part of the process. It allows the customer to evaluate the merits of the new product, and the engineering team to check the integrity of the CAD design.
  • Refine - Customer feedback and functional evaluation of the prototype final design changes and improvements that are implemented before freezing the design for manufacturing. Components are carefully checked for manufacturability.
  • Document - Product documentation capabilities include: Bill of Materials, descriptive text, 2-D detail drawing, 3-D CAD data, core and cavity surface data, perspective views, shaded renderings and computer animations.
  • Manufacture - Auto Launch is accustomed to working with manufacturers in the U.S. and in the Far East, and can work closely with the factory to ensure a smooth launch.
  • Debug - Auto Launch can evaluate your pre-production and pilot production samples to help solve any problems that have been identified in early safety and performance testing to help "groom the tooling". Digital photos of physical modified parts, updated CAD data, and/or dimensioned drawing communicate updates clearly and quickly.


  • Mechanical, Electrical and software development

  • Engineering feasibility studies

  • Design for manufacturability (DFM)

  • Process and material recommendations

  • Product cost estimates

  • Manage tooling from prototype to production

  • CAD expertise in Pro/Engineer and Solidworks

  • Design control and documentation

  • Project planning and program management

  • Functional prototyping
  • Prototyping

    Using computer controlled machines our prototype specialists have the ability to create or modify prototypes in almost any material to insure design feasibility.